Are you developing the next big thing in M2M & IoT?

At M2M One we believe in the future of the Internet of Things, specifically within the Machine to Machine industry – Our team is made up of passionate developers, network engineers and M2M specialists with over 14 years of expertise.

We understand that the next big thing can come from anywhere, and with more and more tools being available to developers we want to support anyone with a bright idea, prototype or just a gut feeling they are on to something.

Our goal is to help developers do what they do best, develop and innovate!

We’ve aligned ourselves with some of the worlds leading M2M & IoT hardware providers to offer special rates on connectivity to developers as well as a simple single price SIM card kit to get you started.

M2M One SIM Card Development Kit

3 months of access and support for AUD $90 (ex GST)

M2M One Developer SIM

Three M2M One SIM Cards with 150MB of Data per SIM per Month

With every developer kit, you get 3 M2M One SIM cards each loaded with 150MB of data on a CAP Plan (see definition).

SIM cards can be provisioned with a dynamic internet access APN or a private static IP APN.

Developer SIMs are valid for 3 months from the date the first SIM is activated


50 SMS Messages per SIM per Month

Each developer SIM is allowed up to 50 SMS messages each month, ideal for testing device commands or over the air provisioning in an emergency.

This only counts for SMS messages from your SIM card (Mobile Originating) – You can send unlimited messages to your SIM card from an outside network device.

M2M One Coverage Icon

Connectivity to Australia's largest mobile network

With M2M One you get unrestricted access to Australia’s largest national mobile network (Check our coverage here). We can provide you with a standard internet access APN or private static IP using the M2M One IPX service (more info).

M2M One Control Centre

Access to the M2M One Control Centre

All our SIMs give you access to our industry leading M2M Control Centre. Allowing you connection diagnostics, real time status reports, notifications and alerts for your device.

To learn more about our M2M Control Centre –  click here

Ready to start developing?

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You can view and download a full copy of our pricing here

Creating an M2M One Account

Filling in the form on this page gives us the required information to create an M2M One account. Once you have completed all the required fields your information will be sent to our accounts team for review and approval. Once we have approved your information, we’ll send you an email with your account information and instructions for ordering and connecting services with M2M One. By completing this form you are agreeing to M2M One’s “Standard Form of Agreement” which can be read here. If you have any questions or want to discuss our service in more detail, feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact M2M One

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