Telstra 3G (NextG) 850MHz Network Shutdown 

On October 9th 2019 Telstra officially announced that they would be shutting down the 3G/NextG 850MHz network across Australia in June 2024 (Exact date TBC)

Please visit the below links for the Telstra announcements:

What does this mean for M2M One customers?

  • Any M2M/IoT devices utilizing 3G (NextG) 850MHz modules or modems will cease functioning in June 2024.
  • To continue using the Telstra network in Australia all devices must utilize a modem or module that is at minimum compatible with LTE Band 28 (700MHz) which Telstra refers to as 4GX.
  • For optimal performance M2M One strongly recommends customers to deploy dual mode devices with access to LTE Band 3 (1800MHz) to provide maximum coverage.
  • As of October 2019 Telstra the LTE Band 28 (700MHz) network covers 99.2% population coverage and there are plans in place to increase coverage to have network parity with the current 3G network before June 2024.
  • While Telstra are maintaining the NextG network until June 2024, you may notice a reduction in coverage in some areas where tuning and re-farming is taking place.

How can M2M One help?

  • All M2M One SIM cards are compatible with the 3G and 4G/LTE network so you will not need to physically change any SIM cards from M2M One.
  • Over the next four years we will be collaborating with Telstra to identify any devices with 3G 850MHz IMEIs on the M2M One Control Centre – We will be sending all customers identified a listing with details of which devices are utilizing this hardware including IMSI & MSISDN.
  • M2M One will also be working with major modem and module brands to provide clear information on Telstra compatible LTE upgrade paths so you can choose the most cost effective option for your business.

What can I do to prepare?

  • Speak to your hardware supplier and ask them about their options for upgrading to 4G/LTE – If you develop or design circuit boards yourself make sure you speak to your module supplier about modifying your board.
  • We would highly recommend avoiding deployment of any further 3G hardware unless absolutely necessary.
  • Prepare a 4G/LTE migration plan and start discussing this with your customer base as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your service from M2M One, Telstra’s 3G shut-down, available 4G/LTE hardware or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact your Business Development Manager, or me directly at

We appreciate your continued business with M2M One and we will endeavor to assist you in any way possible with the upcoming 3G Shutdown.

Gideon Borden
General Manager – Sales and Operations
M2M One

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