M2M One – April 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to M2M One’s April Newsletter – We’re now 12 months out from Optus shutting down their 2G network and only 8 months from Telstra shutting down theirs, the conversation around upgrading hardware is heating up. IoT/M2M Solution providers are considering the jump from 2G to 3G, LTE or possibly a LPWAN technology like SigFox or LoRA. At M2M One we’ve been working with customers and hardware vendors across the country to help them prepare their device for the shutdown and future proof their next model for years to come.

In this months newsletter we invite to join us at CeBIT Australia in Sydney, show you a new monitoring feature in the M2M Control Centre, highlight our participation in the recent Connect expo in Melbourne, highlight a product from one of our hardware partners, and as always, we remind customers that Telstra we be shutting down their 2G network on 1st of December 2016.

  1. Trade Event – CeBIT Australia 2016
  2. Control Centre Update – Month-to-Date Voice Usage Now Available
  3. Highlights – Connect Expo 2016
  4. Product Spotlight – Remora 3G Battery Powered Tracker
  5. Customer Reminder – Telstra 2G (GSM) 900MHz Shutdown

1. Trade Event  CeBIT Australia 2016


M2M One would like to invite you to join us at CeBIT Australia 2016 taking place at Sydney Olympic Park from the 2nd to the 4th of May.

M2M One will be exhibiting our range of M2M SIM Cards, Data Plans & Networking services at booth F15

As well as exhibiting M2M One will be participating in a number of presentations during the exhibition:

Free Show-floor presentation – ‘Developing & managing wireless M2M services in Australia’

  • Tuesday 3rd May – 2:40pm at CeBIT Show-floor theatre stage B
  • Wednesday 4th May – 10:40am at CeBIT Show-floor theatre stage B
Internet of Things Conference – ‘Reinventing and empowering retail with the Internet of Things’ with Cradlepoint
  • Wednesday 4th May – 12:15pm at CeBIT IoT Conference in the Dome Theatre
We’d also like to extend a huge thank you all our customers who provided testimonials for our nomination to the CeBIT business awards this year, with your generous feedback we have been short-listed as a finalist for the CeBIT Business Award for Service Distinction.
If you’d like to arrange a meeting with any of the M2M One staff at CeBIT please reply to this email with a suggested time and date.

2. Control Centre Update – Month-to-Date Voice Usage

In this months update to the M2M Control Centre a new feature that several customers have been asking for is now available. The ability to monitor voice usage per device in real-time. For customers currently using M2M One’s voice enabled SIMs you can now view Month to Date Voice Usage in the Services listing of your current fleet.

To enable this feature simply right click on any column heading in the Services listing and enable the ‘Month to Date Voice (min)’ column – Please note that this is a combination of outbound and inbound voice usage, and M2M One only charge for outbound (MO) voice sessions.

3. Highlights – Connect Expo 2016

M2M One were pleased to once again participate in one of Australia’s leading ICT and emerging technology events, Connect 2016. Connect took place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre over the 19th – 20th of April.
Naturally the show was focused on the IoT hype slowly starting to meet reality, with conversations around LPWAN, Smart Cities and LTE for IoT being more about practical deployments than theoretical possibilities. One of the most exciting stands at the show was LX Group who were showing their new modular IoT Core product could be a game changer for companies looking to incorporate multiple wireless technologies into a small simple form factor.
On Tuesday the 19th of April, M2M One & M2M Connectivity hosted a free 25 minute seminar on ‘Developing a Cellular IoT/M2M Solution in Australia’ at the Connect ICT Theatre on the show floor – You can view the slides from this presentation here: http://www.slideshare.net/JamesMack4/m2m-one-m2m-connectivity-developing-a-cellular-iot-or-m2m-solution-in-australia-connect-expo-2016
We look forward to seeing you all next year at Connect 2017!

4. Product Spotlight – Remora 3G Battery Powered Tracker


As M2M One continues to grow our partner program with leading M2M Hardware & Software providers world wide we are always on the look out for special offers that will benefit our customers. This month we have partnered with Australian Telematics hardware supplier Digital Matter to provide M2M One customers who are interested in trying their new 3G battery powered tracking device the ‘Remora’ free batteries for the month of May – Simply mention this newsletter when you purchase the product.

Digital Matter’s Remora is a low-profile, rugged 3G battery powered tracking device that is well suited for tracking of large assets like trailers, equipment, bins, skips, caravans, boats, motorbikes & jet-skis and can provide tracking updates for up to 5 years purely on battery power if configured for a single ping a day.

The Remora is an ideal replacement for old 2G hardware or an additional product to add to an existing tracking suite as it can be seamlessly integrated into any tracking platform with Digital Matters OEM Server & Data Connectors

For those of you who want to get a feel for the product, Digital Matter will be on hand at the M2M One booth F15 at CeBIT Australia on Monday the 2nd of May and we’ll have a demo unit throughout the expo.

If you’d like to learn more about Digital Matter’s dealer program or their product line please contact Stuart German on +61 497 770 050 or email at stuart@digitalmatter.com

The Remora is now available for purchase from M2M Connectivity or Digital Matter

5. Reminder – Telstra 2G 900MHz Shutdown

M2M One would like to continue to remind customers that Telstra will discontinue their 2G/GSM 900MHz network on the 1st of December 2016. This will impact all M2M One customers utilising 2G/GSM only hardware in Australia.

You can view our official notification here

M2M One customers with 2G devices have the opportunity to utilise 3G and soon, 4G LTE. All M2M One SIM cards are compatible with the Telstra 2G, 3G (and soon) 4G network, so you will not need to physically change any SIM cards from M2M One.

M2M One customers affected by the shut down of Telstra’s 2G/GSM network who are looking for solutions/alternatives for their 2G/GSM devices are advised to contact a 3G/4G LTE device vendor.
Please read M2M One’s notification of the shutdown if you haven’t already.

You can also read our blog on the Australian 2G Shutdown

Press Release – M2M One and ATrack Technology collaborate to provide 3G services to telematics and tracking customers throughout Australia

Press Release – M2M One and ATrack Technology collaborate to provide 3G services to telematics and tracking customers throughout Australia

Melbourne, Australia – June 18, 2015:

M2M One is pleased to announce a new partnership with leading Taiwanese hardware manufacturer ATrack Technology Inc. ATrack is one of the first round of companies to be part of M2M One’s new partnership program. The program is focused on creating a network of hardware, software and solution providers that can help new entrants into the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) space develop and grow their business quickly.

ATrack& M2M One are collaborating to support businesses in Australia that are adopting 3G hardware to benefit from the larger coverage area and higher throughput. These benefits coupled with the uncertain future of 2G networks and the shut down of Telstra’s 2G network on December 1st 2016 have driven companies to push their migration from 2G telematics devices to 3G quicker than anticipated.

From the launch of its first 3G product in December 2010, ATrack now offers a complete product line of 3G devices that have been deployed globally. The range includes the AK7 and 3G GPS/GLONASS trackers for fleet management and advanced telematics, AL7 3G GPS Motorcycle tracker, and AX9 3G OBDII / J1939 Plug & Play tracker.

Supported by Australia’s largest mobile network, M2M One services simplify the utilization of ATrack devices by providing complete access to the 850/2100Mhz 3G network, as well as a suite of management and diagnostic tools for companies to manage their fleet of M2M SIM Cards.

“We’re excited to be working with ATrack in Australia. We already provide connectivity to a number of their customers so a closer relationship is going to be beneficial for both organizations.” said James Mack, General Manager of M2M One. “One of the biggest hurdles for any business entering the M2M and IoT market is the wealth of options available. Through our partnership program we’re hoping to give customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for information on hardware, software and connectivity, and as our program grows we’re looking forward to working with more quality hardware manufactures like ATrack to make sure our customers can reduce their development costs by working with established, proven solutions.”

As part of the partnership arrangement M2M One are offering free trial SIMs to ATrack customers in Australia who want to test their 3G device and a discount on SIM card fees for any customers who want to migrate their existing 2G fleet.





About M2M One

M2M One is one of Australia’s leading providers of device connectivity services, catering exclusively to the Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) market. Our goal is to help our customers and partners accelerate development and manage deployment of their connected devices. All of our services are backed by a world class online Control Centre and operate on Australia’s largest mobile network, offering M2M devices the greatest reliability, coverage and speed available.(www.m2mone.com.au)




About ATrack

ATrack specializes in telematics hardware designing and manufacturing. Our core R&D team has over 10 years of industry experience, and our products have been deployed in various operating environments worldwide. ATrack has also been particularly successful at performing user-specific firmware and hardware customizations to help our clients win projects in this dynamic market. Through our continuous commitment to the industry and providing unmatched level of responsiveness, we have been recognized as one of the most reliable hardware partners. (www.atrack.com.tw)

The Business of The Internet of Things – Smart Questions for Smart Devices

The Business of The Internet of Things – Smart Questions for Smart Devices

Can you feel it? That swelling, bubbling torrent of hype? It started as a gentle nudge, maybe you saw it in an article, maybe a friend mentioned it over dinner or maybe one of your colleagues suggested you start looking into it… “The Internet of Things (IoT)”

Get out of the way, the IoT is coming! - Image courtesy of Gartner

Get out of the way, the IoT is coming! – Image courtesy of Gartner

If you’re anything like me – when you first heard the term the only thing you could think of was having a stern word with the genius that came up with such a terrible name; but sure enough people stuck with it and we as an industry seem to have embraced it.

Now it’s here to stay and everyone from major news outlets like CNN, financial journals like WSJ to my favorite podcasts are talking about it. It seems like there’s no escaping it, and now you have thousands of start-ups telling you why you need their particular wireless wonder device.

But that’s nothing new to you right? As a business leader you’ve had people trying to sell you the latest and greatest solution ever since you took the job. The problem with the Internet of Things is the compound nature of it’s spawning ground – The Internet. We had a sample of this with the last big trend in enterprise IT, good old Big Data but that was manageable because for the most part it focused on business. IoT is straddling that blurry line between consumer products and business tools, which compounds the noise ten-fold.

You’ve got analysts, experts and gurus telling you that your business needs to get on the IoT train before you miss out. The glaring problem I see with this statement is that if it’s supposed to be the powerful force for change it’s being hyped to be, why is it going anywhere? Sometimes it’s not about being first, it’s about being smart and whatever you do, don’t ask the question…

“How do I get started with IoT?”

This question is the exact opposite of the million-dollar question; in fact it will probably end up costing you a lot more. Asking how assumes that you’ve answered the real question, which is “Why?”

I could introduce you to solutions that would connect nearly everything in your business to the Internet; your office heating and cooling system, your fleet of company vehicles, your electricity meters and even your vacuum cleaner, but ask yourself “Why?”

Trust me, the “How?” is going down the rabbit hole, it only leads to more questions. Start with the “Why?” and you start with a set goal that you need to achieve, this partially follows on from my previous post on control you need an outcome or you’re just throwing money at nothing.

You already have the answers

Unless you’re doing something very wrong, you are surrounded by people who understand your business inside and out, most people if they are even a tenth invested in doing a good job will have some ideas around how to make their job more efficient. The problem is they might not have the tools to do it.

That’s really the idea behind the IoT, it’s providing you with the tools to get the information you need to produce actionable results.


Here’s an example:

The Challenge

You’ve got an asset (it doesn’t really matter what it is); the important thing is that the more time it spends outside of a particular location (let’s say your warehouse), the more money you make.

The Solution

So you fit a tracking device that sends you streams and streams of data in real time and all of a sudden you know absolutely everything about the movement of that particular asset down to the second.

The Results

It’s great! You employ a data analyst to crawl through every single event record and location string and work out that this asset needs to spend an additional 10% of it’s time outside of your warehouse for your to make 5% more revenue this month.


Here’s the problem, the capital cost of the tracking device, hiring and analyst and the monthly fee for the data costs you nearly as much as you make from the analytics. Now you’re back to square one.

You’ve done the right thing, you’ve got the smart question and now you’ve got the smart device, but your no better off than when you started.

Analyze This! As in events.. That are useful to your business - Copyright Warner Brothers Pictures

Analyze This! As in events.. That are useful to your business – Copyright Warner Brothers Pictures

Analyze events, not everything

This is because you tracked the wrong thing; you tracked the asset when you should have been tracking the warehouse.

Instead of tracking the asset all the time, you set up a geo-fence around your warehouse, now you know exactly when the asset leaves and when it comes back, all the other information you had was nice to have but effectively useless for this exercise.

By only tracking when needed you can go for a cheaper tracking device, pay less in monthly fees and you don’t need to hire a full time analyst to dig for results. That’s the true power of The Internet of Things. I know this is a rather crude and simplistic example but the message remains the same, focus on the result you need not what your M2M/IoT device can do.

So what am I really trying to say here? Yes, the IoT is a powerful movement that will change the way we interact with the world around us and you should be excited, I know I am. But like any tool the more you use it the more proficient you get with it, experiment, make mistakes but make sure you have a set goal in mind.

James Mack
General Manager – M2M One


The views and opinions expressed in this blog site are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of M2M One or M2M Group.

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