M2M One – February 2017 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – February 2017

Welcome to M2M One’s February 2017 Newsletter!

We’re already 2 months in to 2017 and the M2M & IoT world is as exciting as ever, with carriers and module manufactures expected to announce plans for LTE, NB-IoT & 5G services at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

In this month’s newsletter we talk about some pricing changes coming to our M2M One Global SIM cards, email alerts to give you more visibility over your Group Data Plans, manging customer allocations in the M2M Control Centre and finally a special offer from our friends across the water at M2M One NZ.

  • M2M One Global SIM Price Review

Last year we launched our first Global Roaming SIM card for use in multiple markets across the world, allowing M2M One to support Australian customers who are deploying units internationally.
We’ve been working with our underlying carrier partner on coverage and rates and we’re pleased to announce that we have new pricing available for our global SIMs including tiered pricing similar to our domestic Australian plans.

We’ll be officially launching our new pricing structure in March but you can get a custom quote today by contacting your M2M One account manager – For more information about our Global SIM visit: https://www.m2mone.com.au/global/

  • Group Data Plan Management

While M2M One do offer individual CAP data plans we strongly recommend all customers utilize the power of Group Data – This allows you to share the data allowance of each SIM card on the same plan across your entire fleet (e.g 100x 5MB SIMs = 500MB)

While M2M One are still waiting for native group plan monitoring within Control Centre we have built a daily pooled usage digest that can give you an overview of how much of your pool you are currently utilizing. If you would like to subscribe to this daily digest please contact your M2M One Account Manager.

M2M One join M2M Connectivity for Melbourne’s leading digital innovation expo – Connect 2017

We welcome you to join us at Connect Expo 2017 on March 29th-30th at Melbourne Convention Centre to talk M2M & IoT.

M2M One will be sharing stand 148 with our friends at M2M Connectivity where we’ll be showcasing our range of SIMs and Data Plans for connected devices.

If you’re interested in joining us at Connect you can download your free visitor pass to the expo from here: http://connectexpo.com.au/pdf/CONNECT-2017_Visitor_Ticket.pdf

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

End Customer/Cost Centre Allocation

This month we look at updating the End Customer field in the M2M Control Centre – This allows you to keep customer information that can be searched and filtered against each SIM card in your account.

Updating the End Customer field can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Manually – You can update this information individually by going into the Service Listing in control centre and clicking on an individual ICCID number. This will bring up the Additional Information section – From here click the End Consumer tab. Any information you enter in here will be saved against the SIM card, however only information entered against End Customer will display in the Service Listing.
  2. Bulk update – Control Centre allows you to bulk update information by uploading a formatted Excel spreadsheet. To perform a bulk upload, create a spreadsheet in Excel with two columns, the first should read ICCID (this column should contain your SIM numbers) the second column should read End Consumer ID (under this column you can input your customer name data). Once you’ve prepared your spreadsheet navigate to the Service Listing and click the Batch Update tab from there follow the prompts to upload your custom data.
Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

Looking for local connectivity in New Zealand? Try an M2M Starter Kit from M2M One NZ

M2M One NZ offer local connectivity to the SPARK mobile network with access to the CISCO Jasper M2M Control Centre. As a special introductory rate you can get a Starter Kit for $26.00 NZD + GST

The M2M One NZ Starter Kit Contains:

  • 1 x M2M SIM Card with 3 months of pre-paid data (50MB p/m)
  • Access to the award winning CISCO Jasper M2M Control Centre
  • Dedicated support from M2M One NZ’s team of M2M/IoT experts
For more information about M2M One NZ visit http://www.m2mone.co.nz/ or email info@m2mone.co.nz

M2M One – June 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to M2M One’s June Newsletter – M2M One were proud to once again participate in the Victorian Government’s trade mission to Singapore. Our goal on this mission was twofold – to help businesses outside of Australia get quick, simple access to local Australian SIMs and connectivity without any commercial restrictions or limitations, and to launch our new M2M One Global SIM (Read more about our global SIM here)

This month we invite to join us at Security 2016, highlight the M2M Control Centre API, highlight our participation in the recent CommunicAsia Expo, introduce you to our partners in M2M One NZ and as always, we remind customers that Telstra will be shutting down their 2G network on 1st of December 2016.

This month’s newsletter features:

  1. Trade Event – Security 2016
  2. M2M Control Centre – API Integration
  3. Highlights – CommunicAsia 2016 Photo Gallery
  4. Partner Spotlight – M2M One New Zealand
  5. Customer Reminder – Telstra 2G (GSM) 900MHz Shutdown

1. Trade Event  Security 2016

We are looking forward to exhibiting again at the annual ASIAL Security exhibition in Melbourne later this month,the show runs from the 20th – 22nd July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

M2M One will be exhibiting our range of M2M/IoT SIM Cards alongside some of the leading solution providers in the security industry – M2M/IoT connectivity has become a standard in the security industry over the years and M2M One are proud to support some of Australia’s leading security companies.

M2M One Services are used in a number of Security applications including:

  • IP Alarm Panels & Dialers
  • Wireless IP Cameras
  • Access Control & Authorisation Systems
  • Failover & Redundancy
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • Vehicle & Asset management & tracking
If you’d like to know more about how M2M One are working with the security industry please visit us at stand G-32 at Security 2016.

2. M2M Control Centre – API Integration

The M2M Control Center provides an application programming interface (API) that allows you to access and edit data in Control Center from an external application. Using the API you can perform many of the same tasks you can handle through Control Center’s web interface, including:

  • Managing your devices
  • Monitoring data, SMS, and voice usage
  • Sending messages to a device
  • Updating custom fields and terminal information
M2M One can provide customers with a set of API credentials to start experimenting and developing with the Control Centre API immediately – A full guide can also be viewed from the API Integration section within the control centre.
Using the API is free of charge for all M2M One Customers however support is limited to basic commands, if you want M2M One to assist you with writing an application, debugging existing code or integrating into an additional piece of software please contact your account manager to arrange a quote for M2M Design Services.
For M2M Control Centre Training speak to you account manager

3. Highlights – CommunicAsia 2016 Photo Gallery

M2M One had a great time participating in CommunicAsia Singapore this year – Asia’s largest integrated ICT event. CommunicAsia took place at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 31 May – 3 June.
We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Trade Victoria for organising and tirelessly supporting our attendance at the event, alongside other innovative Australian businesses.
We were also fortunate to have the MP for Innovation, Trade & Small Business Phillip Dalidakis visit our stand, to talk with us about the services we offer in Australia, and now, overseas.
You can view our photo gallery from the event on our blog and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

4. Partner Spotlight – M2M One NZ

Need access to local dedicated SIMs in New Zealand?

Did you know that M2M One also has an office in New Zealand? – Founded by former M2M One AU manager Andrew Dykes, M2M One NZ offer the same dedicated M2M/IoT connectivity services you’ve come to expect from M2M One, all using the SPARK (Formerly Telecom NZ) network.
M2M One NZ SIM Features:
  • Dedicated access to the SPARK NZ mobile network
  • Flexible data plans from low to high usage applications
  • SMS & Voice plans
  • Private networking for dedicated service
For more information about M2M One NZ visit www.m2mone.co.nz or contact them directly on info@m2mone.co.nz

5. Reminder – Telstra 2G 900MHz Shutdown

M2M One would like to continue to remind customers that Telstra will discontinue their 2G/GSM 900MHz network on the 1st of December 2016. This will impact all M2M One customers utilising 2G/GSM only hardware in Australia.

You can view our official notification here

M2M One customers with 2G devices have the opportunity to utilise 3G and soon, 4G LTE. All M2M One SIM cards are compatible with the Telstra 2G, 3G (and soon) 4G network, so you will not need to physically change any SIM cards from M2M One.

M2M One customers affected by the shut down of Telstra’s 2G/GSM network who are looking for solutions/alternatives for their 2G/GSM devices are advised to contact a 3G/4G LTE device vendor.
Please read M2M One’s notification of the shutdown if you haven’t already.

You can also read our blog on the Australian 2G Shutdown

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