M2M One – April 2020 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – April 2020

Welcome to the April edition of the M2M One Newsletter. 

This month we keep you updated on our management within the current Covid-19 environment, along with information on the services we provide for fleet optimisation during the isolation period. 
M2M One are also pleased to announce that the commercial launch of our NB-IoT sim cards is drawing ever closer – read on to find out more.

  • Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we all adjust to these new working and living conditions, we would like to reassure our customers we are still here working in a full capacity (albeit with a majority of our staff working from home). We have a skeleton crew working in the office to manage the shipment of SIMs.

During this time, we are working with customers to better optimise your SIM fleet. If you need help managing your plans – or optimising them, given recent changes – please reach out to the Customer Services Team or your Account Manager, and we can run a complimentary audit on your account to see what improvements can be achieved for you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish that all of our customers and their families stay safe, and that we all keep working together to “flatten the curve”.

  • Commercial Launch of NB-IoT

Over the past several months we have been bringing you updates on the latest Telstra NB-IoT offering.  While not commercial yet, we are getting much closer, with an intended launch date next month.
Until that time we have some further information about the final commercial product offering.

· SIM cards for use on the NB-IoT network will be specialist SIM cards operating on a specific version of the CISCO Jasper Control Centre

· There will be three rate plans for NB-IoT:
1.  85KB a month (equivalent to 1MB a year)
2.  256 KB a month (equivalent to 3MB a year)
3.  427 KB a month (equivalent to 5MB a year)

·         There will be pooling across the same rate plan.
·         Any Rate plan change will be effective as of the start of the following month.
·         The APN with be telstra.iot
·         Cat-M1 can be used on that APN but will be restricted to the above data plans only.

Once we have a final launch date we will be updating all customers. Until then, if you would like to discuss the NB-IoT please reach out to one of our account managers.

  • Events Attended

Due to current Covid-19 situation, all events have been cancelled, however we have managed to have many more face-to-face meetings using technologies such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom.

If you would like to have a face-to-face meeting with one of our staff, please just reach out and we can arrange a video conference to help work through your M2M/IoT needs.

We are still hopeful that there are a number of trade shows scheduled to go on later in the year – we will keep you updated as soon as we have heard more.

In the mean-time please feel free to reach out to us for a face-to-face video conference to discuss your requirements.

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Custom Field Management

M2M One offer up to 12 columns of custom information that can be recorded in Jasper against your SIM fleet.

By default we have 7 Customer Notes fields available in Jasper. These can be turned on by ‘right clicking’ on any column heading in the Service View in the Control Centre. This will open a tick list of column headings. You can then add or remove the columns you need, including our Customer Notes 1-6 and Customer Modem ID fields.

If you find that these fields aren’t enough for your requirements, you can add an additional 5 Custom Fields that are completely unique to your account by going to Admin > Custom Fields in Jasper and enabling the 5 custom field options available. These fields can be given unique column names for greater customisation.

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

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