M2M One – November 2019 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – November 2019

Welcome to M2M One’s November 2019 Newsletter,

This month, we start our ongoing series on preparing for the Telstra 3G Shutdown – to find out more, see our feature below.
We also have a wrap up on the trade shows participated in recently, as well as some information on the delayed Jasper Migration and Christmas Embargo period.

Gideon Borden
General Manager – Sales & Operations | M2M One
  • Telstra 3G/NextG Shutdown

Last month, Telstra announced it will officially shut down its 3G (850Mhz) network in June 2024 (https://www.m2mone.com.au/telstra-3g-nextg-850mhz-network-shutdown/). 
As we head towards the shutdown, we remain available to help our customers prepare and migrate across to 4G and beyond.

If you have a 3G-only solution and are having trouble finding ready-to-go 4G hardware, please get in touch. We can assist with connecting you to a wide range of providers and solutions for applications such as:
·         Tracking and telematics
·         Environmental sensors and data loggers
·         Remote control and PLC devices
·         Standalone cellular modem
·         Cellular Modules

And many more. Simply reach out to our team and we can point you in the right direction.

We will also be working with Telstra to provide our customers with lists of 3G-only devices on the network. Our aim is to pass this information through to you directly as we receive it to help you better plan for the transition. 

  • Telstra End of Year Restriction (Embargo)

We would like to inform all customers that Telstra will have its annual Embargo period on IPX changes – If you believe you will need any IPX services over the Christmas period, please make sure you let your account manager know ASAP.

Restriction Overview: no new IPX orders or change requests.
Start time: Monday 16th December 2019
End Time: Monday 13th January 2020

  • M2M One Christmas Closure Dates

The M2M One Office will be closed from:
Tuesday 24th December 2019 (2:00pm) – Friday 3rd January 2020, reopening for normal business on Monday 6th January 2020.

Last date for shipment of sims:
SIM Card orders need to be in by 12:00pm (Melbourne Time) Thursday 19th December 2019 to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

There will be skeleton staff on call for emergency situations.

  • Trade Show Wrap-Up

o    IoT Impact

This was the second year of IoT impact, and it has greatly improved since the inaugural show. There was great representation across the M2M and IoT industries, including Agriculture, Water, Health, Smart Cities, Telematics, Energy Monitoring and more. A number of innovative start-ups were present, showcasing their applications and use cases.

What was interesting to see was the increase in the number of applications being built around the smart sensor and remote control industries. Enabling live data to be collected, analysed and reported on across many different applications allows for smarter real-time decision making.

o    All Energy

The All Energy Conference and Exhibition (co-located with the Energy Efficiency and Waste Expo) continues to expand, now taking up an impressive 10 halls at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The M2M and IoT applications in these industries continues to expand from basic solar panel monitoring, inverter monitoring and smart metering. Today there are innovative solutions for monitoring generators and off-grid systems, wind farms, tracking of EV vehicles and monitoring of EV charging stations, battery storage monitoring, compacting bins and collection route generation. These were just some of the solutions that were available on show from a wide range of suppliers.

o    CeBit

CeBit has gone through a dramatic change this year – moving away from the traditional expo style, and into a more modern “Technology Festival”.  While the show was smaller than it has been in past years, the conversation were still very interesting and targeted to those wanting to work in the technology space.

The outdoor portion had some highly-engaging IoT applications on display, such as telematics of high-performance vehicles and race cars, and a course designed to test-ride Lime scooters. (A shared electric scooter system popular in the Brisbane area).

Inside the expo hall there were a number of exhibitors who work in the IoT space, while the presentations and subsequent discussions on the main stage were high-quality, covering a number of topics ranging from cyber security to AI to robotics (and of course IoT). Many main stage presenters touched on the topic of Smart Cities.

There was also a growing number of customers playing in the IIoT (Industrial IoT) space, which we expect we will see more of in years to come.

  • Notification of upcoming planned service disruption to the M2M Control Centre

Last month we informed all our customers of an upcoming planned disruption to the M2M Control Centre: https://www.m2mone.com.au/m2m-one-october-2019-newsletter/.  This potential disruption is to perform some necessary migration works to the Control Centre HLR. There have been some delays in this process and we expect this work to be carried out soon.

Once we have final confirmation on the dates of these necessary works we will update everyone via an email Notification.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with the support team.

It has been a busy year for M2M One, participating in more events than ever before. We enjoy exhibiting at these shows – which make it even easier to see many of our customers’ new offerings across a wide range of industries – and we look forward to continuing to do so next year.  

The final expo we will be attending this year is the annual Comms Connect Tradeshow.

Comms Connect – Stand 132 https://melbourne.comms-connect.com.au/

We are looking forward to returning to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre for Comms Connect, running from November 26th – 28th.
While this shows’ history is based in two-way radios, UHF and Tetra communications, they have been adding a significant focus on cellular communications with the ongoing improvements and penetration of PTToC (Push to Talk Over Cellular).

We will be on hand at Stand 132 to discuss and help customers roll out these technologies through our managed M2M / IoT SIM solutions. If you are in Melbourne please come by, say hi to the team and enter the draw to win a Google Home Hub!


Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Test Ready

This month – a reminder on the Test Ready Status. By default when M2M One ship SIM cards to you, they will be loaded automatically into your Control Centre in a state called Test Ready.

When a SIM is in this state it is live, and provisioned to use the Telstra mobile network. However the SIM doesn’t become billable until you use either:

  • 20KBs of data
  • 4 SMS or
  • any amount of voice calling.

This means you can hold a large stock of SIMs and use them whenever you need them without needing to call, email or even press a button to get connected.

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

M2M One – September 2019 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – September 2019

Welcome to M2M One’s September 2019 Newsletter,

It has been a busy time in the industry and we have a lot to share this month; we have a wrap-up of our attendance at Telstra Vantage event; we are also pleased to launch our new Customer Billing Portal; and have a further update on the progression of NB-IoT commercial launch. Lastly, we will share a security certificate update for the M2M One Control Centre.

Gideon Borden
General Manager – Sales & Operations | M2M One
  • Telstra Vantage Wrap-Up

Last week Telstra held its annual Vantage Roadshow in Melbourne. It was an impressive show, and bigger than ever. The event provided attendees with comprehensive information about the ongoing rollout of Australia’s first commercial 5G network. There was a very informative demonstration of the capabilities of 5G, which included a 360 degree, 8k live stream from the Gold Coast.

For me information on the stream see here (https://exchange.telstra.com.au/australias-first-live-5g-broadcast-and-what-5g-could-mean-for-entertainment/)

While there is a lot of discussion around 5G and what it can bring for the future, it is still very early days for M2M/IoT applications as there is still work to finalise the IoT standards in a 5G world.  Having said that, there is still much work being done for M2M and IoT applications using Cat-M1, LTE and NB-IoT.  There were many partners present at the show, offering some very interesting applications.

There was also a working demonstration of the water monitoring solution developed with MIoT using the recently approved Captis devices. These devices can give businesses access to information and control in the field, and are a great example of the technology that is going to power the Smart Cities projects of the future.

For more information on these technologies please get in touch with our sales team for advice.

  • NB-IoT Update

We are continuing to work on the commercial launch of the NB-IoT plans – we are hopeful to be able to launch this in the next few months.

As mentioned there will be specific NB-IoT sims running on the new “telstra.iot” APN.

Until they have been launched commercially, we still have access to a limited number of trial sims. If you would like access to these for testing please reach out to us.

  • New Customer Billing Portal

We have been busy in the backend in preparing our billing portal which has now gone live.
In the portal our customers will have access to:
o   Previous statements
o   Payment history
o   Ability to set up and edit direct debits.
o   Secure payment gateway to make payments.

If you would like access to the portal please contact accounts@m2mone.com.au for instructions on how to get set up.

  • Notification of Security Certificate for the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre (Jasper)

As a scheduled maintenance activity, Cisco Jasper is replacing the existing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security Certificate. The renewal is required to maintain availability of secure access to the Control Centre Platform via API. The certificate update is to occur on Thursday 12th September 2019 at 2:00pm.

If you access the Control Centre Platform via API or a system that uses a pre-loaded *.jasperwireless.com certificate, you will need to take further action to ensure that you can continue to access the platform after this change.


If you access the Control Centre platform via API and you have:

1. Preloaded the *.jasperwireless.com certificate in your automation API software or system, or
2. Hardcoded the existing certificate into an API client application.

Then you will need to replace the existing certificate in your application or system with the new certificate, in order for your access to the API to keep working.


Prepare and plan to replace the certificate in your system or software during or soon after the change window starting on Thursday 12th September at 2pm AEST.

1. To access the new certificate:

a. Contact Support (support@m2mone.com.au) to receive the new certificate. Alternatively,
b. Download the new certificate from this link in readiness for the change

2. During or soon after the maintenance window, update your old certificate with the new certificate. NB: If you replace the certificate before the above maintenance window, then your API access will not work until after the maintenance window.


1. API operation will be impacted if the SSL certificate is not updated during or immediately after the scheduled maintenance
2. Please do not replace the certificate prior to maintenance window as this will impact operation until Maintenance is completed.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

For the first time, M2M One is excited to be attending the National Roads & Traffic Expo 17–18 September at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. 

The National Road & Transport Expo focuses on road transport ecosystems including infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, parking and safety. As with many other industries, there is also a large amount of growth with M2M / IoT solutions and we look forward to being a part of the expo. If you are in Melbourne, please come along and say hello to the team at stand #429 – registration and trade entry is free into the expo.

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Custom Field Management

M2M One offer up to 12 columns of custom information that can be recorded in Jasper against your SIM fleet.

By default we have 7 Customer Notes fields available in Jasper that can be turned on by ‘right clicking’ on any column heading in the Service View in the Control Centre. This will open a tick list of column headings, and you can add or remove the columns you need – including our Customer Notes 1-6, and Customer Modem ID fields.

If you find that these fields aren’t enough for your needs, you can add an additional 5 Custom Fields that are completely unique to your account. Go to Admin > Custom Fields in Jasper and enable the 5 custom field options available. These fields are able to be given unique column names for greater customisation.

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

M2M One – April 2019 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – April 2019

Welcome to M2M One’s April 2019 Newsletter,

Well another month has been and gone in a flash, for M2M One and the IoT industry in general there has been a lot happening!  In this issue we will be discussing our experiences at IoT Asia, changes to CISCO Jasper API security and a continued discussion on the progress of Telstra’s NB-IoT Launch as well as the 2100MHz 3G shutdown.

M2M One are gearing up for big last half of 2019 with at least 5 – 6 tradeshows on the calendar for us to attend – Keep an eye on our upcomming newsletters for details of shows coming up in your region with information on how to attend and meet the M2M One team.

  • IoT Asia

IoT Asia was back in Singapore last week and once again showcased a wide array of businesses either looking for or offering services in the M2M and IoT Space.  While smaller than previous years, it was a great regional showcase for some of the more innovative and interesting applications in IoT.

There was a lot of buzz around NB-IoT and Cat-M1. Interestingly there were many companies developing hardware and software solutions, even though there are still only a handful of countries around the world and specifically in APAC with these networks up and running, (Australia being at the forefront of Cat-M1 deployments).

With the ever increasing power of data and control being understood there are many new industries being introduced to M2M and IoT.  One such industry that had a number of players on show at IoT Asia this year was the connected Public Bathroom.  Sensors dotted around Public Restrooms on toilet roll holders, doors and stalls with Ammonium level sensing, collate information and let the cleaning staff know when to clean the bathrooms – increasing both time and cost efficiencies while maintaining better quality facilities for the customers.

This is a great example of an industry that would never have thought of a connected solution a mere 5 years ago, but the advancement in the hardware, software and networks has made this a possibility.  If you are keen to explore ways in which you may be able to take advantage of new technologies like this please get in touch  with the IoT specialists at M2M One for a discussion.

  • Cisco Jasper API Scheduled Security Update

As is required from time to time, Jasper has an upcoming maintenance planned on its API Security Certificate.

If you access the Control Center Platform via the API or a system that uses a pre-loaded *.jasper.com certificate, then you may need to take further action to ensure that you can continue to access the platform after this change.

This change only affects customer using the API – and you should have also received direct communication from Telstra regarding this.

If you have not received this and need the updated Security Certificate please contact support@m2mone.com.au

Planned Change Date: 17th April 2:00pm AEST and will take about 2 hours.

  • NB-IoT – Trials Continue.

Last month we brought you some updates as to where we are with regards to the commercial launch of the NB-IoT network on Telstra (https://www.m2mone.com.au/m2m-one-february-2019-newsletter/) The NB-IoT trials are continuing and we now have many customers with successful connections on NB-IoT SIMs (using the new “telstra.iot” APN)

Telstra are still finalizing what the commercial plans will look like and as soon as we find out we will share them.  In the meantime if you would like to trial some NB-IoT SIMs please get in touch.

  • Telstra 2100Mhz 3G Shutdown has been delayed.

We have mentioned in the past few newsletters that the 2100Mhz shut down will commence from 25th March 2019.  We have recently received information from Telstra that this has been delayed until 30th April 2019.

The main reason for the delay is to allow certain devices detected on the network time to change the hardware as it was detected that they would not work on 850MHz.

As previously discussed, as long as your device in the field can operate on the 850Mhz frequency or LTE (Band 28 – 700Mhz or Band 3 – 1800Mhz), you should be fine – you may need to do a power cycle to re-register to the network.

If you are still experiencing further issues after the 30th of April (and your device is 850Mhz capable) please get in touch with support for further help.  Support can be reached by:

  • Phone: 03 9696 3011 – Option 2(9:00am – 5:00pm; Monday – Friday (Melbourne time))
  • Emailsupport@m2mone.com.au

Security Exhibition + Conference
July 24-26 2019
ICC Sydney,

IoT Impact 2019
September 10-11 2019
University of Technology Sydney,

National Roads & Traffic Expo 2019
September 17-18 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre,

All-Energy Australia
October 23-24 2019
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre,

CeBIT Australia 2019
October 29-31 2019
ICC Sydney,

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Batch Updates:

One of the great features of Cisco Jasper, is that you have the ability to add customer information to every sim card you have under management.  This help for support and in breaking down the information at the end of each month when doing reports.  While you can do this by manually editing each field, when you start connecting larger number of devices this can become quite tedious.

Enter the Batch update – Instead of updating Custom Fields manually in Jasper, or changing SIM States page by page, large changes can be made via uploading an excel spreadsheet through a Batch Update. This feature is quite useful for when you have a number of SIMs needing updating.

  • Step 1 – Download a working file: 

Start by navigating to the services page. From here you can take an export of your SIMs. This will create a spreadsheet that can be opened in Excel. On this sheet you can then make the changes you require.

  • Step 2 – Edit the sheet with your specific information.

In order to upload these changes, you will need to save the spreadsheet with some specific headings (More details on this below) and upload it back to Jasper. This can be done by clicking on Services, then Batch Update. Under the Actions option you will then be able to upload the file.

Jasper will send you an email when the file has been uploaded.

There are some special considerations when utilising Batch Updates. The SIM ICCID must be used as one of the columns, as this is how Jasper identifies the SIMS. There are also special headings you must use for each field and not your custom headings, and these can be found below.

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
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M2M One – October 2018 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – October 2018

Welcome to M2M One’s October 2018 Newsletter,

Well it’s that time of year has again, a few weeks ago Telstra held its annual Vantage conference and as always it was a very impressive spectacle. There were a lot of very impressive demonstrations this year including a working 5G Hot-spot with constant download speeds over 3000Mbps.

Telstra had its drones on display demonstrating their ability to provide 4G Hot-spots and cellular reception during emergencies, even using cameras to help law enforcement in such times.

M2M One obviously has a focus on the M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of things) industries and hence it is no surprise that one of the most interesting announcement to me was the official launch of Telstra’s NB-IoT (NB-1) network.

Telstra have now launched their NB-IoT network on the Band 28 (700MHz) frequency.  There is also a new mapping tool (available at https://www.telstra.com.au/business-enterprise/solutions/internet-of-things/iot-coverage) that shows the current coverage.

Telstra NB-IoT has some very interesting use cases – and will be able to deliver low powered, message style communications. Opening up many new possibilities for battery powered devices, from simple once a day tracking (containers etc) to access controls and data logging all for a very low price.

We’re working closely with Telstra on finalising pricing for NB-IoT as well as M2M One Control centre integration which we expect to be able to release this side of Christmas.

If you are interested in finding our more as this is released please let your account manager know and we will add you to the initial contact list.

Gideon Borden
Sales Manager | M2M One
  • Telstra 2100Mhz 3G Shutdown Notice

Telstra has begun to re-farm their 3G 2100MHz Frequency. Current plans are to have the full shutdown completed by March 2019.

What this means is that any devices that are operating exclusively on the 3G 2100MHz frequency will lose connectivity once the towers in their area are switched off.

Why the SHUT DOWN of 2100MHz?

With much of the consumer and business market moving their cellular devices to the LTE (4G & 4GX), only a minuscule proportion of Telstra’s mobile traffic currently operate on the 3G 2100MHz frequency. This frequency is being re-purposed or “re-farmed” to be used by the 4GX network. By doing this Telstra can shift their cellular capacity to where there is stronger customer demand.

What can you do now?

The first step is check if your devices can utilise the 3G 850MHz Band. Often devices enabled for 3G are “Dual-band” which means they can use either 850MHz or 2100MHz. Sometimes devices are ‘pointed’ towards 2100MHz and simply need re-programming for 850MHz operation.

If your devices operate on 3G 850MHz (or are LTE / 4G) then there is nothing to do.

If your device is not capable of using the 3G 850Hz Frequency, you will need to speak to your hardware supplier in order to upgrade your device for 3G 850MHz or preferably for LTE (4G/4GX). In this case M2M One advises devices enabled for 700MHz (Band 28) & 1800MHz (Band 3).

If you require advice for hardware options, you are welcome to contact Tony Chen from M2M Connectivity (our sister hardware company) on sales@m2mconnectivity.com.au for any inquiries.

If you would like to discuss further please get in touch with your M2M One account manager.

  • M2M One Event Report – All Energy 2018

M2M One were again excited to be a part of the 10th Annual All Energy and Waste Expo in Melbourne this October.  As always there was a heavy focus on Clean and Renewable Energy with a huge array of International manufacturers of solar powers panels and inverters; However, it was truly great to see a large number of local Australian companies and installers presenting their wares, many of them already partnering with M2M One for their SIM Connectivity needs.

A recurring conversation we had at the show was from customers having issues with independent remote access to their inverters/solar panels; This is a common issue we see in the market.  The native connectivity these devices generally come with from the manufacturers is WiFi and the installers are expected to connect the inverter to the customers local WiFi.

The problem: 
Have you ever had an issue connecting to a local WiFi network?  Add to that the complications that you have no control over said network.  If the network goes down, or the password is changed etc then you have no way to contact your device and get the data out.  In a business where this data is what you are selling it becomes a huge problem!

This problem is not exclusive to the Energy industry – This is true of all devices deployed in the market that are connected to a network which you have no control over.

The Solution:
Luckily there is a fairly simple solution.  A cellular router (a selection are available from our sister company www.m2mconnectivity.com.au) and an M2M One SIM card.
M2M One offer a number of plans that can help you maintain independent control of your devices in the field – If you would like to have a conversation about this please reach out and we will be happy to help.

Next year the show will be expanding to include a new section for energy efficiency – M2M One will again be exhibiting at this show in October 2019 – we hope to see you there!

comms connect banner

M2M One are excited to be exhibiting our range of SIM Cards and Data plans for M2M & IoT solutions at Comms Connect Melbourne 2018.

The number one event for critical communications users and industry in the region

With a keen eye on trends, hot topics and the latest technology solutions in the critical communications sector, Comms Connect is the key source for vital information and networking opportunities. Whether you’re in the resource sector or public safety, transport or utilities, security or consulting, the conference and exhibition delivers countless opportunities to seek out new technology, share ideas and make new contacts.

Event Dates: 20-22 November 2018
Location: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
M2M One Stand: 66
Register here: http://melbourne.comms-connect.com.au/registration/

M2M One staff will be hand throughout the event to talk about how M2M/IoT solutions are utilizing national cellular networks to deliver results today and how the industry is adopting new technologies (Cat-M1, NB-IoT & 5G) to future proof IoT solutions.

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

How to create an automation rule to manage excess usage on a SIMThis month we look at using the powerful Automation Rules in CISCO Jasper to suspend a SIM card using excessive data with the option to reactivate the SIM if needed, instead of needing to contact M2M One Support.

When you log into the control centre select Automation from the home page

From the automation rules screen click on + Create New button to create a new automation rule

From here select Usage Monitoring as the rule category then select Cycle to Date Data Usage to create a new rule that will be triggered on data usage in a billing month. The example below shows you the correct set-up for triggering a rule to Deactivate a SIM that has used over 1MB of data in a billing month. With this rule when a SIM gets deactivated, if you need to use it again in the month you can simply change the SIM status in the control centre back to Activated to use it again – No need to get M2M One to unblock it.

For a complete list of automation rules available download our guide here: https://www.m2mone.com.au/m2m-downloads/manuals/M2M-One-Control-Centre-Automation-Rules.pdf

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

M2M One – September 2018 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – September 2018

Welcome to M2M One’s September 2018 Newsletter,

This month’s newsletter comes with a personal note;
As many of you may already know I’ll be stepping down as General Manager at M2M One at the end of September and leaving the business.
It’s been amazing over the past 4 years to watch the business grow from 13,000 active SIM cards to over 160,000! and to go from 3 employees to 10. Working at M2M One I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the brightest minds in IoT/M2M and support customers building incredible applications.

The thing I’ve always been most proud of at M2M One has been our commitment to customer service and I’m pleased to see that trend continuing with Gideon Borden taking over management of the sales and customer service team. Gideon has always been a pillar of the M2M team with his commitment to solving problems and finding the right solutions for customers being second to none – Gideon can be contacted at gideon.borden@m2mone.com.au

From an operational standpoint one of the founders of M2M One and Australian IoT pioneer Darren Moroney will be taking over the day to day management of the business. Those of you who deal with our sister company M2M Connectivity are probably already familiar with Darren and his deep industry knowledge and commitment to customer care – Darren can be contacted at Darren.Moroney@m2mone.com.au

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank all of the customers who have chosen to work with M2M One over my tenure as manager, my peers in the IoT industry who always keep me learning, the phenomenal team we’ve built over the last few years and our founders Daryl & Darren for taking a chance on me to run with the business 4 years ago.

Thank you!
James Mack
General Manager | M2M One
  • Reminder on M2M One Cat-M1 Coverage

Over the past few months we’ve spent a lot of energy talking about NB-IoT and what’s coming and possible over the next 12 months but one of the elements getting overlooked is that M2M One has complete access already to Telstra’s nationwide Cat-M1 network today. Cat-M1 technology may in fact be more suitable for a lot of customers currently debating where to go from 3G than NB-IoT or LPWAN solutions due to the increased flexibility.

For those of you who missed it you can access a full guide on M2M One’s Cat-M1 network by clicking here: https://www.m2mone.com.au/iot-network-access-from-m2m-one/

To test Cat-M1 on your M2M One account you can simply put any M2M One SIM into a Cat-M1 capable device, our SIMs are Cat-M1 ready out of the box without any additional changes required – You can view our pricing here: https://www.m2mone.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/M2M-One-Australian-Price-List.pdf

M2M One are excited to be sponsoring the inaugural IoT Impact conference when it comes to Sydney in September.

As a company that shares the IoT Alliance of Australia’s vision for empowering Australian business through IoT/M2M we’re excited to be able to exhibit our selection of dedicated data plans for IoT applications to visitors to the conference.

What is IoT Impact?

IoT Impact is a two-day learning campus for Australia business executives – to understand and plan for the impact of the Internet of Things in Australia.

By 2020 the number of IoT connected devices globally is expected to be 30 billion, and this is forecast to grow to 100 billion by 2025. By 2025 the IoT market could be generating revenue close to USD 10 trillion. Every person and every business will feel the impact. IoT Impact is designed to help your company answer the complex questions required to handle and profit from this revolution.

Ticket Options

  • Connect Pass ($1125 with code IOTm2m1-C1) – Full access to the IoT Impact Conference, Site Visits, Expo, Workshops, Vendor Labs. As a sponsor of IoT Impact, M2M One are pleased to be able to offer our customers and peers in the IoT industry a 10% discount on the Connect pass by using the code
  • Access Pass ($125 Early Bird before 10th September) – Access to the IoT Impact Expo, Workshops, Vendor Labs.

M2M One look forward to seeing you at IoT Impact this month – If you’d like to arrange a time at the show with one of our staff please email support@m2mone.com.au

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Page ActionsThis month you may have noticed a change in the M2M Control Centre, the addition of an ‘Actions’ button on all pages.

The actions button combines several previously separate buttons/actions into a single button and offers different functionality depending on the page you are viewing. Some examples below:

  • Services Listing
    • Edit selected SIM cards
    • Export listing to excel file
  • Batch Update
    • Upload Excel File
    • Export results to excel file
  • Billing > Usages
    • Export monthly usage to excel file
  • Admin > Users
    • Create new user
    • Delete user
    • Edit user
    • Export list of users to excel file
  • Automation
    • Create new rule
    • Edit rule
    • Delete rule
    • Export Automation Rules to excel
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