M2M One – March 2018 Newsletter

M2M One Newsletter – March 2018

Welcome to M2M One’s March Newsletter,

This month M2M One are participating in Australian Healthcare Week 2018 in Sydney. We’ve seen some amazing innovations in IoT health over the past few years and we’re excited to see what new solutions are on the horizon.

If you’re looking to provide IoT solutions in the healthcare space reach out to M2M One as we have partners who may be able to help. If you’re building your own solution our flexible data plans, real-time diagnostics and private secure networks are a great option to keep costs down while increasing reliability.

  • Changes to M2M One Billing System

On March 1st 2018 M2M One completed our move to a new billing system, and there are a few changes that customers need to be aware of.

  1. Existing customers prior to Feb 2018 will be issued with a new account number – This will be printed on your invoice and should be used for all payment and accounting purposes.
  2. Any customers with stored credit card or bank details for direct debit will need to provide this information again. M2M One do not store customer payment details and they need to be entered directly into the new payment system.
  3. M2M One have a new online credit card portal – The payment portal can be accessed any time by clicking the Pay My Bill link on www.m2mone.com.au
  • Incoming Price Update for High Volume Customers

As your SIM business grows M2M One wants to make sure that we are able to support that growth by offering competitive data pricing at higher volumes. For those customers with opportunities of 20,000+ active services we have been negotiating with our underlying carrier partners some new rates that will help your business scale over time, we expect to have these implemented by May 2018 – For custom pricing please contact your account manager directly.

  • Global SIM Management Portal

After several months of development work with our carrier partner M2M One are pleased to offer customers using our Global SIM Cards the ability to view and manage those SIMs using a customer facing portal, just like you can with your Australian SIMs. With the Global SIM portal you can locate your SIMs anywhere in the world based on cell-tower information & monitor and set watchdogs for usage.
If you’re interested in learning more about our Global SIM offering you can use the links at the bottom of this email or contact your M2M One account manager directly.

M2M One are proud to be an exhibition sponsor for Australian Healthcare Week 2018

Australian Healthcare Week celebrates 8 years of growth and success, this March, having firmly established itself as THE One-Stop-Shop for Australasia’s healthcare community.

With 5,000 clinicial, corporate, technology and infrastructure professionals expected in 2018, ensure you REGISTER for your FREE EXPO PASS today, to join the largest and fastest-growing healthcare event in Australasia.

M2M One will be exhibiting our range of SIM Card and Data plans for M2M/IoT devices as well as answering questions on how our customers are benefiting from using our dedicated M2M SIM Cards and private networks in medical applications.

Joining M2M One on our stand we will have staff from M2M Connectivity displaying a range of hardware solutions that are being used for medical applications today, including:

Sendum Package Tracker (Medical Transportation)
LoRaWAN solutions (Low Power Private Networks)
SIGFOX solutions (Low Power Tracking & Messaging)
Cradlepoint (LTE Redundancy & Fail-over)
Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Manage Individual SIMs in a Group

This month we look at how you can get the excess control benefits of our CAP/fixed with the flexibility and pricing benefits of our Group Data Plans.

With M2M One Group Data Plans you can still use the Automation Rules available in the Control Centre to manage data usage on an individual SIM basis. For example you can put all of your SIM cards on a 500MB Group Data Plan giving each SIM 500MB of group data to contribute to their pool. If any SIM goes over their 500MB allowance they can borrow from the larger pool, this helps control excess usage costs and keeps your devices online.

With automation rules you can set an individual rule that states ‘Any SIM over XXXMB in a 24 hour or monthly period’ should be moved to Deactivated. This temporarily suspends any rogue SIMs that use more data than you expect but unlike the CAP/Fixed data plans gives you the ability to turn the SIM back on if needed by changing the SIM Status back to Activated.

The benefit of using this method vs the CAP/Fixed plan is that with the CAP plans any SIM that exceeds its data allowance gets a ‘hard suspension’ which completely disables the SIMs APN and Data function. This renders the SIM card completely useless until manually overridden by our support team. However, with the automation rules on group plans you stay in control of the SIM, and you can reactivate yourself any time without engaging our support team.

Click here for our Automation Rule guide to learn more

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

M2M One – October 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to M2M One’s newsletter. This month we introduce our new General Manager, provide updates on the new Voice capability and the status on the new billing platform which we expect to go live by year’s end. We feature a blog on 2G/GSM sunsets and the implications of the closure of 2G networks on our customers using this technology.

This months newsletter features:

  1. Introducing our new General Manager
  2. Network Update – Voice plans
  3. Billing Update – New billing portal
  4. Blog – Sunset of 2G/GSM networks and the implications

1. New General Manager – James Mack

Earlier this month M2M One appointed a new General Manager to help grow the business and take our M2M services to the next level. James has worked in a number of roles in the M2M industry including sales, marketing, channel and strategy. You’ll be hearing more from James as he settles in to the role here at M2M One, for now he wanted to pass a short message on to all our customers and partners.

“I’m exceptionally proud to have been chosen by the directors to lead M2M One forward as the business continues to grow. My goal is to continue to improve and shape M2M One into a company that innovates and expands throughout the IoT & M2M industry.

I’m particularly excited to work closely with all of our customers and find out what we can do to make M2M One the best service provider in Australia. So please feel free to send any feedback on the business and how we can improve to james.mack@m2mone.com.au or connect with me on LinkedIn

2. Network Update – Voice

After the successful implementation of full SMS capability mid June, M2M One is currently working on the next network upgrade – Voice. We advise that the introduction of voice plans on our services has been delayed. However, we are offering the opportunity for customers to test this feature before the official introduction of the Voice upgrade. As well as M2M data, there are M2M application scenarios where voice calls, machine call back, DTMF, and emergency dialing are required across segments like security, automotive, and health care. If you would like to test the Voice feature on M2M One SIM cards, please contact us.

A separate notification email confirming the availability of Voice will be sent to our customers. Voice pricing details will be released when the feature becomes available. We will offer a PAYG (Pay As You Go) rate per second, and bundled rates per minute and per ten minutes.

3. Billing Update – New Billing Portal

We advise that work on our new billing platform continues with the expectation that this will be functional in a pre-release test phase over the coming months.  Throughout this phase, we will be running our existing and new billing platforms in parallel to ensure that when we go live with the new portal it will be fully tested and operational without billing interruptions.

The new billing platform will offer automated invoicing and an integrated payment gateway as just some of the many features available to our customers.  We are confident that our customers will find the new billing portal a timely and easy to understand way of managing your M2M One billing.  The new billing portal with visible current charges and billing history, will keep customers better informed and proactive with their SIM card usage.

4. Blog – Sunset of 2G/GSM network and the implications

The latest blog from M2M One addresses the announcement from our network operator, who plans to close the 2G (GSM) network by the end of 2016.

This blog looks at 2G/GSM network sunsets and how this will affect our customers who are currently using 2G M2M devices.  We explore alternatives to using 2G and the benefits offered by these alternatives and offer M2M One assistance.

To read the blog click here.

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