Security & Remote Control PLCs


M2M and IoT Solutions are revolutionising the Security industry. Protect your staff, buildings and valuable assets using the power of connectivity.


Back To Base Alarms

Do you run a business or warehouse stocked with valuable assets? Use back to base alarm monitoring to receive instant security alerts from professionals in the event that your alarm is set off.

Camera On A Pole & CCTV

The demand for camera poles and CCTV is growing rapidly as they can be utilised for traffic surveillance or security monitoring across mine sites, office blocks, building sites, shipping ports, and a range of public areas.

Push To Talk Over Cellular

The new generation of walkie-talkie style commercial radios are being powered by Cellular Communications, allowing for easier deployment and use of the radios anywhere there is Cellular coverage. The M2M One IoT sims are backed by the largest network in Australia, meaning more coverage for your radio solution.

Man Down Alerts

Slips, trips and falls account for nearly 50% of non-fatal workplace injuries. Man-down devices provide life-saving alarms to notify you in the event that a lone worker falls victim to an accident or even potential robbery.

Connected Padlocks

Protect your assets and business with connected padlocks. Only designated staff members will have access via their phone, ensuring that you will know exactly who is locking/unlocking a door, cabinet or other secure location at any time.

Access Control

Access Control systems allow for remote control of your assets and buildings, allowing you to control who comes and goes in real-time. This can help to protect your business assets and safety of your workers.

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