IoT Healthcare


The medical industry is undergoing a revolution thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) – now medical devices can collect additional data and insights, enable remote care, and give patients more control over their lifestyle and treatment options.


SOS Pendant

M2M One SIM cards utilise the largest cellular network in Australia. This means more reliable alerts sent to monitoring centres, family or friends in the event of an emergency.

Remote Diagnostics

Data from haptic sensors and the ability to communicate online means better access to healthcare professionals in a faster timeframe for people living in remote or dangerous areas.  


Telehealth helps to create a more robust healthcare system. It does this through providing training to professionals, sharing data from GP to specialist and managing patient care.


Wearables are a great way of monitoring symptoms and biometric responses (such as how fast your heart is beating after running on the treadmill). This can help to diagnose issues before they become serious, life-threatening problems.

Independent Living

Devices powered by IoT-enabled SIMs can improve care and wellbeing of the elderly. Managing heating/cooling of the home, medication reminders, heart rate monitoring, and better lighting to prevent falls are just the beginning.

Medical Insurance

Being able to track variables such as how much exercise you do, your heart rate and blood pressure, and how many hours of sleep you get a night in real time is all valuable information that can be used to reduce insurance premiums.

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