M2M One Newsletter – November/December 2018

Welcome to the final newsletter for 2018. 

It’s hard to believe that we are already towards the end of the year.  A lot has happened this year at M2M One and in the IoT industry as a whole.
What has been happening in the industry?

  • Market Growth

We have seen some emergence of new market verticals (such as Push to Talk radios over Cellular – see the Comms Connect wrap up for more info);  and some significant growth and maturity in others (such as personal pendant alarms and GPS tracking devices growing ever stronger). 
It is also interesting to see the growth in high data usage verticals (such as digital media and video streaming).

  • Network Changes

It has been an interesting and sometimes difficult year for Telstra.  We are in the middle of the shutdown of their 2100MHz 3G network which is a sign that 3G will be retired in the not too distant future.
There have unfortunately been a few outages and we once again thank all of our customers for their patience while we worked through them with Telstra!
Much work has been done this year on the back of these outages to ensure the most reliable service is being provided to our customers.
Telstra launched their NB-IoT SIMs earlier this year and while they are not quite ready to go we are getting very close.  We are starting to see some modules and devices being created specifically for the NB-IoT network and some are now available on the market. 
Testing continues with the NB-IoT SIM Cards and integration into a platform should be happening shortly.  
We are hopeful that the NB-IoT SIMs will be ready to go by the end of Q1 one next year.  As always if you are keen to get up to date information please let your account manager know and we will add you to the list.
What has happened with M2M One?

  • Growth

M2M One has seen some very good growth this year (we are closing in on 200,000 active connections), and that growth was only possible with the help of our customers. 
I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the whole team at M2M One to thank all of our customers for continuing to choose to work with us, and to say that we look forward to working to grow with you and your businesses in the new year.

  • New Staff

With our Growth we have also seen some growth in our staff numbers.  By the end of 2018 we will have welcomed four new staff members into the M2M One family!
Miranda Nguyen – Customer Service Manager (Started in April)
Nicole Dreier – Accounts and Billing (Started in July)
Ryan Slot – Customer Service Manager (Started in September)
Jazmine Chand – Business Development Manager (Will Start December 10)
If you need any help please reach out to any one of us!

On behalf of the whole M2M One Team, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very safe and happy holiday season!


Gideon Borden
Sales Manager | M2M One
  • M2M One Event Report – Comms Connect

For the first time in almost 4 years, M2M One were proud to exhibit at the recent Comms Connect Expo in Melbourne.  This show has traditionally been heavily focused on two way radios and UHF / TETRA and hence was a difficult show to justify for a cellular focused company.

However, in the past 12 – 18 months, we have seen a rise in cellular based communications for this market place.  Specifically with the reinvention of PTT (Push to Talk) – now being dubbed PTToC (Push to Talk Over Cellular).
It is interesting – I remember this as an emerging technology in the early 2000’s in the retail cellular world but it simply did not take off.  No one would buy such a technology when they could just call or SMS.   Now however with this technology built into well developed two way radios, used by various professionals (builders, event organisers, theatre companies and more) this technology is seeing a very high uptake at the moment.
We were pleasantly surprised at the number of vendors who were selling their versions of this technology – over a dozen at last count.  It was a clear reminder that ideas of the past can always be reborn – perhaps they were just a little ahead of their time.
For those of you who visited us at the show – it was great to see you!  We have drawn the winner of the Google Home Hub and would like to congratulate Arun Manuel from Waves Australia on winning the raffle.  For those of you who did not win – best of luck next time and thank you for stopping by the booth and having a chat (hope you grabbed some gummy bears).
We look forward to participating at the show next year.

  • Telstra 2100Mhz 3g Shutdown reminder

We discussed in last month’s newsletter (https://www.m2mone.com.au/m2m-one-october-2018-newsletter/) the fact that Telstra had begun to shut down their 2100MHz 3G network with the aim to have it completely retired by March 2019.  This is still ongoing.  Again we remind customer that if you have 3G devices out there and have noticed some reception issues out of the blue – this could quite possibly be the cause.
If you have any concerns please get in touch with your account manager and we will see if there is anything we can suggest to help you through the shutdown period.
As a reminder If you do not have a migration path to 4G yet, I would be investigating one ASAP – again please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

  • Telstra End of Year Restriction (Embargo)

We would like to remind all customers that Telstra will have its annual Embargo period on IPX changes – If you believe you will need any IPX services over the Christmas period please make sure you let your account manager know ASAP.

Restriction Overview: no new IPX orders or change requests.
Start time: Friday 14th December 2018.
End Time: Monday 7th January 2019.

  • Christmas Holiday times and emergency support.

The M2M One Office will be closed from:

Monday 24th December – Monday 7th January 2019, reopening for normal business on Tuesday 8th January 2019.
Last date for shipment of sims:

SIM Card orders need to be in by 12:00pm (Melbourne Time) Wednesday 19th December 2018 to guarantee delivery before Christmas.
There will a skeleton staff on call for emergency situations.
We hope you have a safe and happy holiday period!

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Custom Field Management

M2M One offer up to 12 columns of custom information that can be recorded in Jasper against your SIM fleet.

By default we have 7 Customer Notes fields available in Jasper that can be turned on by ‘right clicking’ on any column heading in the Service View in the Control Centre. This will open a tick list of column headings, you can add or remove the columns you need including our Customer Notes 1-6 & Customer Modem ID fields.

If you find that these fields aren’t enough for your needs you can add an additional 5 Custom Fields that are completely unique to your account by going to Admin > Custom Fields in Jasper and Enabling the 5 custom field options available, these fields are able to be given unique column names for greater customization.

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
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