The closing of Telstra’s 2G network and the expansion of 3G and 4G/LTE technology has spurred companies to look at upgrading their 2G applications and devices. This is a good time to start planning the migration of 2G to 3G/4G devices and M2M One is working behind the scenes to make sure our customers are supported during this transition. Our Voice Plans & International Roaming SIMs will be available in May and and we are happy to talk to you about these new services, our soon to be available 4G/LTE service or anything else in our range of services at Connect Expo next month. We look forward to seeing you there.

This months newsletter features:

  1. Notification – Voice Plans
  2. Notification – International Roaming Services
  3. Reminder – 2G Shut Down
  4. Blog – The Business of the Internet of Things – Smart Questions for Smart Devices
  5. Invitation – Connect Expo

1. Notification – Voice Plans

We bring you an update on M2M One’s Voice Plans. Offering affordable packages to fit your M2M communication needs, our Voice Plans will be commercially available in May. The PAYG and bundles rates are listed below.

The Voice plans support M2M applications where voice calls, machine call back, DTMF, and emergency dialing are required. If you would like more information on our Voice Plans, please contact M2M One.

 Pay Per Use  1 Minute Bundle  10 Minute Bundle
$1.20 per minute Monthly Fee – $1.10 per month Monthly Fee – $4.40 per month
$0.02 per second Excess usage – $0.018 per second Excess usage – $0.018 per second

2. Notification – International Roaming Services

As mentioned in our January newsletter M2M One are engaging an alternative SIM provider for global roaming services to allow us to better service our customers.

I’m pleased to announce that this relationship is now in place and we will be able to offer roaming SIMs for a selection of countries with group plan options from 500KBs – 30MB – Full commercial pricing and available countries will be made available at the end of April.

For customers wishing to activate roaming on their existing M2M One SIM cards, this option is available at a pay per use rate of $4.00 per MB and only on the APNs “telstra.m2m” & “”

As always we advise customers with large scale international deployments to contact us directly for custom pricing and logistics.

3. Reminder – Telstra 900MHz 2G Shut Down

We would like to remind our customers that Telstra will discontinue their 2G/GSM network on the 1st of December 2016. This has implications for M2M One customers using 2G 900MHz GSM/GPRS modems.

M2M One customers with 2G devices have the opportunity to utilize 3G and soon 4G LTE. All M2M One SIM cards are compatible with the Telstra 2G, 3G and soon 4G network so you will not need to physically change any SIM cards from M2M One.

M2M One customers affected by the shut down of Telstra’s 2G/GSM network who are looking for solutions/alternatives for their 2G/GSM devices are advised to contact a 3G/4G LTE device vendor. Please read M2M One’s notification of the shutdown if you haven’t already.

4. Blog – The Business of the Internet of Things – Smart Questions for Smart Devices

M2M One’s blog navigates the hype of the Internet of Things. As IoT becomes ubiquitous, James Mack suggests questions customers should ask themselves in order to arrive at measured ways of climbing aboard the IoT juggernaut.

“The IoT is a powerful movement that will change the way we interact with the world around us…but like any tool the more you use it the more proficient you get with it, experiment, make mistakes but make sure you have a set goal in mind.”

Read the full blog.

5. Invitation – Visit M2M One at Connect

CONNECT is a showcase of the technologies transforming business, government and society. Visit Connect to explore the latest in cloud, data analytics, mobility and collaboration solutions to wearable tech, cybersecurity, devices, IoT, drones and network infrastructure,

M2M One invites you to the Connect Expo where we will be exhibiting our services on stand no. 24.

Date:          21 & 22 April 2015
Time:          10am to 4pm daily
Place:         Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

You can register for the expo free of charge, and we’re please to offer our customers 10% off conference registration fees by using the code “M2M” before the 10th of April.

Drop in and say hello.  We will be happy to help you with comms for your M2M/IoT project.



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