M2M One Newsletter – July 2020

Welcome to the July edition of the M2M One Newsletter.

We have some very exciting news this month. The long-awaited Commercial NB-IoT Plans are launched and are now live – read on below for more information.
There is also another reminder on next week’s Jasper maintenance window.

Gideon Borden
Senior Director – Sales & Operations | M2M One

  • Telstra Wireless Control Centre (Cisco Jasper) Maintenance WindowAs mentioned in previous notifications, there will be some disruptions to your Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre services due to planned network maintenance work that will occur next week.

    What is being done?
    The Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre services will no longer make use of the CISCO mobile network database and instead services will be provisioned and authenticated on the Telstra mobile network.

    The aim is to provide a more scalable and resilient IoT connectivity solution. There will be no changes to the actual Control Centre application, and the management and control of devices within the application will continue to be handled as they are today.

    What will be done?
    A signalling cut-over will take place during a 13-hour maintenance window, where the mobile signalling of all M2M Control Centre services will be migrated to Telstra’s core mobile network. During this maintenance period the impact will be as follows:

    • Delayed Mobile Terminating (MT) SMS delivery.
    • Mobile Terminating Voice may be impacted during the maintenance window.
    • There is no anticipated impact to data services.

    When will this take place?
    The signalling cut-over will take place over two separate nights:
    1. On the 21st of July 2020 from 18:00 until 07:00 on the 22nd of July AEST.
    2. On the 23rd of July 2020 from 18:00 until 07:00 on the 24th of July AEST.

    In order to ensure that the two databases stay in synchronisation and no changes take place, a freeze will be put in place on the M2M Control Centre.

    The freeze will start at 00:00 AEST on the 21st of July until 07:00 on the 24th of July.

    During this freeze period all access to the M2M Control Centre will be blocked, the full details are as follows:

    • Any automation rule which may result in a change in SIM state or communication plan will be suspended during the maintenance window. There will be no impact to all other automation rules. The cycle-to-date usage will continue to accumulate. After the freeze period the automation rules will be resumed.
    • There will be a provisioning freeze during this period which means no services will be able to change state.
    • All services will remain in their current state as at the start of the freeze period i.e. services will not automatically move from test ready through to activated based on usage (If you anticipate changes to any services (Activation/Purge etc) will be required during the freeze period then we recommend proactively undertaking those changes before the 21st of July 00.00 to minimise any impact to your services).
    • All user logins will be disabled to prevent any updates on Control Centre. Any attempt to login to the application will be shown an error message in the user interface (login screen).
    • Any user logged into the application will be forced out (logged off).
    • All SOAP/REST API access will be revoked during this freeze period.
    • All daily JPO reports will not be impacted.
    • SIM Ordering will be suspendedIf any of these dates or times change, an updated notification will be sent, informing you of the revised schedule.
  • Impact of Coronavirus

The COVID situation this past month has been very difficult for Victoria (where M2M One’s headquarters are located). While many other parts of the country are starting to come out of lockdown, we are reminded that there is long way to go with this battle and we will continue to fight.

As an essential service, we would like to remind our customers across the country that we are still open for business. We will continue to run a skeleton staff in the office for the time being, but are able to ship any SIM orders required. If you need to place an order, please email orders@m2mone.com.au with your requirement and we will dispatch them within 1 business day. Please do keep in mind that during this time Australia Post are experiencing delays – your patience is appreciated.

We would also like to continue to remind customers that during the downtime we are available to help in auditing your account to ensure you are on the most efficient plans possible. If you would like to arrange an audit of your account please get in touch with the Customer Service Management Team or your account manager.

  • NB-IoT Update

M2M One are happy to announce the official launch of the our NB-IoT offering. Based on the largest cellular network in the country NB-IoT provides many opportunities in the IoT and M2M space.

A  reminder on what NB-IoT is:

NB-IoT is a low-power, wide-area cellular network (LPWAN) technology which uses 200KHz of bandwidth to transfer data. Generally, the maximum upload data transfer rate is around 62.5kb per second. The slightly slower data transfer rate is offset by lower power consumption and device affordability.

NB-IoT is designed for simple devices which infrequently send data, and require a longer battery life.
If you have widely-deployed devices in the field (such as gas, electricity or water meters, environmental sensors, or building automation) that do not need to send frequent updates, this may be a suitable technology for your requirements.

However in many cases, NB-IoT will not be the correct technology to use for your deployment. There are some inherent limitations:

  • NB-IoT cannot send any SMS or Voice.
  • NB-IoT does not support cell tower handover.
  • NB-IoT send data at a much slower rate than say Cat M1 meaning you need to remain on the network longer in order to send your data.


To simplify deployment of NB-IoT device we have introduced the NB-IoT Tokens. Each Token will represent one calendar months’ network carriage for an NB-IoT SIM and can be purchased and topped up automatically as needed. Packs start from 100 Tokens and become cheaper as you purchase more. There will be three Token data amounts to choose from:

  • Bronze – 85kb.
  • Silver – 256kb.
  • Gold – 427kb.

Taking the above in consideration, if you are ready to develop and launch an NB-IoT product, please speak to our team for a no-obligation consultation around pricing, development, terms and conditions of the NB-IoT Plans.

Some resources to get you started:

  • Information on NB-IoT and how to get in touch – Click Here
  • Price guide for NB-IoT Tokens 
  • NB-IoT Coverage Guide – Click Here


  • Events Attended

Due to current Covid-19 situation, all events have been cancelled. Interestingly however we have managed to have many more face-to-face meetings using technologies such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom.

If you would like to have a face-to-face meeting with one of our staff, please just reach out and we can arrange a video conference to help discuss your M2M/IoT requirements.

We are not yet sure how the new restrictions placed on Victoria are going to affect the events planned for later this year. At this time there have been no further announcements.

We expect a change in the situation will depend on how we as a community come together to fight COVID.

When have more information on which expos will be open for attendance we will update all of our customers.

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Adding new users

This month we look at how to add new users to your Control Centre account and give them permission to view or manage your SIM cards.
When you log into the Control Centre, select Admin from the front page.

When the admin page has loaded click on Users from the left hand menu.
When the user page has loaded click Create New –

Follow the prompts on screen to set-up a new user for your account

Have more questions about the M2M Control Centre or want some training?
Contact your M2M One account manager

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