M2M One Newsletter – July 2017

Welcome to M2M One’s July Newsletter,

This month we’re looking forward to exhibiting at Security 2017 in Sydney. The security industry has long been one of the most prolific users of M2M technology with early vehicle tracking and alarm panels evolving from CSD and radio technology to full IP solutions.

As cellular networks have evolved the security industry has moved with it, over the past few years we’ve helped support and manage wireless security solutions like: Access control, wireless IP cameras, lone worker safety, intruder detection, high value asset tracking, fixed line redundancy and more.

This year we’re looking to see what new innovations the Security industry will incorporate from the M2M & IoT ecosystem.

  • Jasper API URL Change

In March we advised that SOAP API calls needed to be modified to the new host URL https://api-telstra.jasper.com/ – API calls to the old URLs will stop functioning at the end of this month so please make sure you update any scripts using the old SOAP API.

The following Jasper URLs will stop functioning at the end of this month:

  • https://cc.jasper.com
  • https://cc.jasperwireless.com
  • https://cc1.jasper.com
  • https://cc1.jasperwireless.com
  • https://api.jasper.com
  • https://api.jasperwireless.com
  • https://smp.jasper.com
  • https://smp.jasperwireless.com

If you have any issues or questions please contact support@m2mone.com.au for assistance

Security 2017 – Sydney, 26-28 July 2017

M2M One are excited to once again be exhibiting at Australia’s largest Security Expo on it’s return to Sydney. We’ll be exhibiting our range of SIM Cards and Data Plans as well as talking about how customers in the security industry are using our services to power Alarm Panels, IP Cameras, Tracking Devices and more.

M2M One will be located at stand B27 next to Digital Matter



Digital Matter release Sting Long-Life GPS Tracker at Security 2017 with free trial SIM from M2M One

Visitors to Security 2017 can have a first look at Digital Matter’s latest GPS tracking product, the Sting. The Sting is an ultra-compact, rechargeable GPS tracking device. The light, temperature and humidity sensors set it apart from other battery powered trackers. It has been designed to track high value parcels, cargo, cash in transit, personnel, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

Click here to view the Sting

For more information contact Stuart German at stuart@digitalmatter.com

Each month we bring you tips and tricks for getting the most value out of the M2M Control Centre.

Test Ready

This month we look at the SIM Status ‘Test Ready’ and how it can be used.

All M2M One SIM cards ship to customers in this state by default – It allows SIMs to connect to the mobile network and use resource without being charged. Each SIM in Test Ready state can transmit up to 20KB of data and send 4 SMS messages without being moved into ‘Activated’ This is ideal for bench testing an application before shipment.

Test Ready status is only ever available once in a SIMs life, once a SIM has left this status it can never be put back, but SIMs can be returned to a similar state called ‘Activation Ready’ – Which is a none billable state but has no test allowance, so as soon as any data is used the SIM becomes billable once again.

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