Investment in LTE networks by operators continue as solution providers look to LTE to connect a wide range of applications. In this newsletter, we invite expressions of interest from customers willing to test M2M One LTE SIMs. Our featured blog looks at control as a key to success at M2M and IoT. We remind our customers of an element of control available to you in the Jasper cost centre – using the of the option to customise fields. Also, we are pleased to share a customer success story of H5Controls’ site management solution which optimised safety and security on the Crown Towers build using M2M One SIMs.

This months newsletter features:

  1. Notification – M2M Control Centre – New User Security
  2. Reminder – Customising Cost Centre Fields
  3. Expression of Interest – LTE SIMs
  4. Blog – Want to succeed at M2M and IoT? – Focus on control
  5. Case Study – H5 Controls Facility Management Solutions using M2M One SIMs

1. Notification – M2M One Control Centre New User Security

We bring your attention to the important ‘M2M One Customer Notification – Control Centre Access’ email sent from M2M One.  Telstra’s new security policy effective March 25 requires stronger passwords on every user account for the M2M One Control Centre.  All current passwords will expire in 90 days and you will be required to input a new password on your next login.Please refer to the ‘M2M One Customer Notification – Control Centre Access’ email of February 25 for information on password requirements and how to change your password.

2. Reminder – Customising Cost Centre Fields

We would like to remind our customers of the “End Customer” field that can be customised in the M2M One Control Centre this field can be used for the recording of unique details alongside the SIM card ICCID to identify the end user of a service.Please contact us to action your customisation request.  When the new billing system is in place, we anticipate that customer’s will be able to directly customise the field without needing our support.

For help on this feature contact:
M2M One technical support on +61 3 9696 3011 – between 8:30am and 5:00pm (Melbourne Time) Monday to Friday.

You can also submit a support ticket through or using our support portal, Click Here

Please Note  – Cost Centre ‘Product Name’ Field

The recent addition of the ‘Product Name’ field in Jasper is for internal use to identify which Plan your service was attached to at the latest Point of Sale. Please disregard if this plan name differs from your current plan name as this information is only used by our soon to be released billing platform to ensure a smooth transfer of your services, from platform to platform.

3. Expression of Interest – LTE SIMs

As LTE evolves and the number of M2M applications requiring more bandwidth grows, LTE SIM cards offer the most potential to facilitate communications for M2M deployments for the next decade and beyond.M2M One is trialing the use of LTE through the M2M Control Centre for expected commercial availability in May, 2015.

We’re looking for expressions of interest from companies who are interested in testing our LTE SIMs for connectivity on their M2M deployed application and devices.

To discuss the M2M One LTE SIM cards trial please contact me directly on

4. Blog – Want to succeed at M2M and IoT? –
Focus on control.

M2M One’s blog explores the M2M and IoT space and what makes a successful connected device.  Selling on features rather than benefits is a common mistake with the consumer app market littered with little used devices. The underlying factor common to the long term success of connected devices is an element or perception of control.The control of costs and maximizing profitability is a driving factor in B2B M2M.  M2M One helps customers to control their connectivity bill in relation to their ability to charge customers by providing real-time data usage, plans that automatically suspend or group with each other and alerts through our control centre. This enables accurate forecasting of M2M fleet costs for months even years in advance.For a better chance of success, look at what your customers want to control and how you can offer the best possible experience for their investment.
Read the full blog here.

5. Case Study – H5Controls Facility Management Solutions using M2M One SIMs

H5 Controls have been building and implementing safety and management products for over 10 years.

To monitor the thousands of workers on the large scale site in the construction of Crown Towers in Perth, H5 Controls provided an easy-to-use access, security and management system.  The Sentry H5 security system and PPLFlow registration kiosk provided identity verification, real-time location, notifications, emergency mustering,reports and auditing.  The monitoring of information and activity of workers was available at any time by using a Smartphone or on the web.

Safety and security were optimally maintained during the construction of Crown Towers with the connectivity of M2M One SIMs to establishing  a structured way for thousands of workers to enter and exit the site.

To read the full case study click here

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