M2M One Control Centre

Our goal is to keep you in control of your M2M services. We understand the frustrations associated with managing a sizable fleet of M2M SIM cards and services which is why we give all of our customers access to our M2M Control Centre free of charge.

Take control of your fleet with real time usage information, SIM status reports, diagnostic tools and much more…

M2M One Control Centre Features


Our control centre can act as an authoritative data store for all information relating to your SIM cards, instantly view:


  • SIM identifiers like IMSI, MSISDN & ICCID.
  • M2M One information like data plan & configuration.
  • Store additional device information using custom fields.
  • Attach “Cost Centres” to SIMs so you know exactly who to charge.


Never find yourself at the mercy of a rogue device again with real-time monitoring. Session information is sent to the control centre and uploaded instantly, allowing you to tracking your usage as it’s happening.


  • Monitor SIM usage and adjust data plans at any time if needed.
  • Set up alerts to keep you up to date on your usage for the month.
  • Monitor aggressive SIM behavior including multiple session attempts and excess usage.


Having issues with a SIM or device in the field? Our control centre allows you unparalled diagnostic information and fail safe controls.


  • Diagnostic tools will tell you exactly where a SIM is failing either at a device or network level.
  • Historical session information lets you pinpoint the moment of failure.
  • Send an SMS directly to your device from the control centre.
  • Force the SIM to reconnect to the network through the control centre.


Utilize the tools in our control centre to automate your work flow and make running your M2M project a breeze. Need to automatically suspend a SIM when it hits it’s allowance or move it to a new plan, the choice is yours.


  • Automatically suspend or change a SIMs data plan upon reaching certain triggers.
  • Integrate directly with the control centre using powerful API calls.

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