This month we continue with the second of our blog series of M2M tips. This installment will help businesses looking to enter the local M2M and IoT industry understand the market in Australia. Want better control of your M2M One SIMs? We bring your attention to alerts that can be set up for real-time information and diagnostics. M2M One will be sponsoring Yow! Connected, an event dedicated to IoT for developers. This IoT conference is held in September and we will be conducting demonstrations by M2M Connectivity, Digi and others. See more details about this event below, we hope to see you there.

This months newsletter features:

  1. Notification – M2M One Control Centre Alerts
  2. Notification – Optus 2G 900MHz Shutdown
  3. Blog – M2M Tips – Depoloying Cellular M2M or IoT Devices in Australia
  4. IoT Conference – Yow! Connected
  5. Reminder – Telstra 2G (GSM) 900MHz Shutdown

1. Notification – M2M One Control Centre Alerts

The M2M One Control Centre keeps you in control of your M2M services and offers real time usage information, SIM status reports, diagnostic tools and much more.

This month we wanted to highlight a feature set that you may not be aware of: Alerts

M2M One has the ability to set up the following alerts to keep you up to date on your usage and SIM status for the month – If you would like to set up any of the Alerts outlined below on your account please email :

  • SIM State Change (Activation, deactivation, etc)
  • SMS Usage in a month or 24 hour period
  • Data usage in a month or 24 hour period
  • Voice usage in a month or 24 hours period
  • IMEI change
  • Session Start
  • Session End
  • No connection in the past XX hours

If you have any questions regarding setting up alerts on the M2M Control Centre, or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact our support team on +61 3 9696 3011 or at

2. Notification – Optus 2G 900MHz Shutdown

In a recent announcement Optus have confirmed that they will be following Telstra in shutting down their 2G/GSM (900MHz) network on April 1st 2017.

While this does not affect M2M One customers as we exclusively utilize the Telstra M2M network it is important to understand that this reflects a continuing trend of 2G networks being shut down and re-farmed for additional 4G/LTE network capacity with AT&T in the US, Telstra & Optus in Australia and Singtel in Singapore.

We strongly advocate companies building or deploying 2G devices in the Australian market to look at options for 3G or 4G/LTE as soon as possible to make sure you have solutions tested and ready to deploy well before the networks get shut down.

If you have any questions on 2G Migration or around M2M network services on 3G or 4G/LTE please contact M2M One on +61 3 9696 3011 or and we will point you in the right direction.

3. Blog – M2M Tips – Deploying Cellular M2M or IoT Devices in Australia

Continuing the series of tips to developers looking to get into the M2M/IoT space, this second installment offers an overview of the local marketplace to businesses, developers and distributors who are looking to build or import a M2M/IoT solution for use in Australia.

Our blog looks at the unique demands in terms of geography and coverage of Australia and the changing face of M2M and IoT customers as globalisation opens up local and International markets.

We look at local mobile operators in terms of the nation’s coverage and the 2G, 3G & LTE operating frequencies used by each. Tips on roaming SIMS, hardware approvals and IP addressing help customers and developers unfamiliar with the Australian market to understand the local M2M and IoT space.

Australia is well known for expensive data and higher operational costs compared to other countries, this is an incentive for current and prospective businesses looking to enter the market to manage data efficiently and minimize costs.

Read the full blog here

4. IoT Conference – Yow! Connected

M2M One is a sponsor of YOW! Connected, a two day Conference connecting the world of Mobile development and the Internet of Things (IoT). Topics include native development for iOS and Android, the developing market for the IoT, UX & design, back end development and the review of several business case studies. YOW! Connected provides an opportunity for Australian developers to learn from local thought leaders and specially invited international experts through the sharing of experiences developing mobile solutions and devices for the connected world.

Date:       17 September  2015     8:00am to
18 September 2015      5:00pm
Place:          Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth St,  Melbourne      

Visit us at Yow! Connected and view M2M and IoT demonstrations on Libelium’s Open Garden, ublox’s mBed Concept Board & Digi International’s XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit & ConnectCore6 Dev Kit.

For more information and to register to attend, please click here.

5. Reminder – Telstra 2G 900MHz Shutdown

We would like to continue to remind our customers that Telstra will discontinue their 2G/GSM network on the 1st of December 2016. This has implications for M2M One customers using 2G 900MHz GSM/GPRS modems.

You can view our official notification here

M2M One customers with 2G devices have the opportunity to utilize 3G and soon 4G LTE. All M2M One SIM cards are compatible with the Telstra 2G, 3G and soon 4G network so you will not need to physically change any SIM cards from M2M One.

M2MOne customers affected by the shut down of Telstra’s 2G/GSM network who are looking for solutions/alternatives for their 2G/GSM devices are advised to contact a 3G/4G LTE device vendor.
Please read M2M One’s notification of the shutdown if you haven’t already.

If you do not know if your devices will be affected by this please contact M2M One and we can help you.

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